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Active Sitting Ball

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The sitting ball is an innovative option if you like to have a way to sit down at your Walkolution workstation on long days or during certain tasks.

It consists of a rubber seat ball covered with very sturdy and high quality fabric.

The ball has been designed by Walkolution to fit exactly to the size of the treadmill and has the possibility to be clamped between the bars of the backrest.

This gives you a firm hold while sitting, but without losing the dynamics and activity.

Although we at Walkolution will certainly never recommend you to spend a lot of time sitting, you will be healthier sitting on a ball compared to a conventional chair. On a sitting ball you are more active and the muscles are constantly being used. If you adopt a slack, incorrect posture, you will lose your balance and will automatically be reminded to correct your posture.

However, we still recommend not sitting for more than 2 to a maximum of 4 hours a day.

The ball has a diameter of 65 cm or 75cm and two side loops, with which you can easily hold the ball.

You can also use the ball for a large number of exercises outside your work area.

The sitting ball is perfectly combinable with a height-adjustable desk, for example our models of the ÄRA series.