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Walking is the best medicine.

Sitting is the new smoking. This headline came about because science now clearly shows that sitting not only has the well-known consequences of back pain and weight gain, but also dramatically increases the risk of serious diseases such as cancer, heart attacks, strokes, depression and dementia.

Despite the overwhelming scientific evidence for the health risks of too much sitting, there was no applicable solution to this obvious problem. 

At some point this bothered Medical Doctor and Walkolution founder Dr. Eric Söhngen so much that he decided to leave his position as a senior medical doctor and concentrate fully on bringing a viable workstation alternative to the market, that enables people to work and stay healthy at the same time. 

A very early forerunner of today's Walkolution treadmill desk was built by Dr. Söhngen while he was still a medical student in 2006. It required the construction of more than 50 prototypes before the first Walkolution treadmill desk went into serial production in its current form in 2018.

What is the problem with sitting too much?

Death by Sitting. Why We Need A Movement Revolution vividly explains why the human body is so unsuited to prolonged sitting and the specific health risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

But the book also shows how our cognitive performance and mental balance can be significantly enhanced by physical activity. 

Written by physician and Walkolution founder Dr. Eric Söhngen. Published in 2018, with a new edition planned for 2022.

Our sustainability promise

It is obvious that we can only live healthy if the environment allows us to do so. We have therefore committed ourselves from the very beginning to adhere to strict ecological guidelines for our products. For example, we heat our production halls with our own wood waste, we only use wood from sustainably operated forests and we plant a tree for every 10.000 steps everytime a user walks on the treadmill (tracked with the complimentary Walkolution app.)