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The Walkolution Life Time Warranty

Our mission is to build the best treadmill workstations in the world that you can enjoy using every day for a lifetime. We don't just stand for good quality that lasts a few years, we stand for the best treadmill desk on the market. That's why we offer a lifetime warranty on Walkolution products. When you invest in a Walkolution product, you can be sure that your product will remain fully functional and free from defects. This is not only a promise in our product quality, but also a contribution to the environment.

Our lifetime warranty includes:

- Manufacturing defects / material defects
- Breaks or cracks that render your product totally or partially inoperable.

Our lifetime warranty does not cover:

- Cosmetic blemishes, scratches, stains or normal wear and tear.
- Failures or breakages due to misuse, neglect or intentional damage
- Products that Walkolution does not manufacture itself

The Warranty

If any part of your Walkolution product stops working or is defective, we will repair it or replace it with a fully functional product in equal or better condition.
This means that the warranty does not cover cosmetic wear and tear that does not affect the safety or function of your product.
We place a high priority on keeping our products in use, because each Walkolution product contains not only valuable natural resources, but more than 18 hours of dedicated handcraft. When appropriate, we will provide you with equivalent or better replacements from our inventory. All replacements are, of course, quality tested and certified to be fully functional, and come with the same lifetime warranty as your original product.

Our Promise

Walkolution has earned an international reputation for building the highest quality products and providing the best customer service available, and we will always hold up our end of that bargain. We ask our customers to hold up their end of the bargain as well. Please do not interpret our warranty as a license for misuse, neglect or intentional destruction. We also do not replace products that are stolen, lost or damaged by third party action, so we recommend insuring your household goods. We also reserve the right to change this policy in the future.

Release of Liability

Walkolution is not liable for any damage to your environment caused by the use of our products.

Warranty Claims

Would you like to make a warranty claim? Simply contact us.