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The health risks of sitting too much

Man has been in constant motion for millions of years. We had to move. Now our whole world has changed so radically within about 200 years that movement has become an optional leisure activity. Those who sit for eight or more hours a day for professional reasons increase their risk of almost all civilization diseases. Tragically, not only back pain, but also the risk of heart attack, stroke, cancer and diabetes. At the same time, people who lead a sedentary lifestyle are also cognitively limited and have a higher risk of depression and dementia. You can find further information here.

Sitting is part of everyday life and is important for resting in between. But the ratio should be reversed. Movement as the rule and sitting as the exception. Many scientific studies recommend a ratio of 75% movement and 25% sitting. Distributed over the day this means that you can sit for about 3-4 hours per day. However, most people sit between 10 and 14 hours per day.

No, numerous studies have shown that sitting is an independent risk factor for serious illnesses, independent of other sporting activities. Long periods of sitting cannot be compensated for by an hour of sport.

Product and usability

1) Nearly noiseless operation, therefore distraction-free use in quiet working areas possible.

2) Intuitive speed adaptation to the work at hand with changes between walking at different speeds, leaning and standing. This enables fatigue-free use throughout the day. With an electric treadmill you are usually forced to walk at a constant preset speed, which can lead to fatigue in the long run.

3) No electricity costs. A normal treadmill, when used daily, can quickly cost between 500 Euros and 1000 Euros in electricity costs. The Walkolution System has no follow-up costs.

4) No maintenance necessary. Normal treadmills need to be oiled and motorized treadmills come to a load limit after a certain time, especially when used daily. A motor damage or a disturbing noise are then often the result. The components of the Walkolution System are selected to withstand daily use without problems.

Yes, the upper body is calm when walking and the walking speed is generally not fast. It is also helpful that you can set your own speed at any time (unlike an electric treadmill with a motor). It only takes a few minutes to get used to it. Authors write entire books about walking, and that you can walk without any limitations in speed and accuracy has even been experimentally tested and published, for example here.

Because standing for long periods is not better than sitting. There is not a single study that justifies the widespread use of standing desks. From a medical point of view, a standing desk is also not recommended. Blood pools in the legs when standing for long periods. This can cause pain, varicose veins and circulatory problems. Furthermore, long standing leads to back pain for many people. In addition, standing does not consume more calories. If people stand all day instead of sitting, they only consume as many more calories as are contained in 1 or 2 apples. The overall effect on the body is therefore negligible. In Germany there is a large study that examined users of standing desks for their behavior and satisfaction. 70% of the participants no longer use the standing function of their table after 3 months or use it only very irregularly. The change between sitting and standing is also not better because one changes from one position that is unfavorable for the body to the other.

Yes, besides the other health benefits of more movement, increasing mental performance is one of the other main reasons why we developed the concept behind Walkolution in the first place. The brain is one of the organs that benefits most from light physical activity. There is an enormous amount of published research on this topic, which shows that concentration and attention is even increased compared to sitting or standing.

The entire system is designed and built to avoid distraction even in absolutely quiet environments. The treadmill is used in offices, home offices and libraries around the world. See here for a live test with decibel measurement.

No, you walk at a slow, self-determined speed that can be maintained for hours without getting out of breath and you can wear any type of footwear you normally like to wear. Many of our customers also like to go barefoot.

Wood is a great material that not only looks good, but also offers clear advantages over steel or plastic. The natural elasticity of wood, for example, helps to gently cushion the impact of walking. 

The side panels and the table top are made of FSC certified beech wood from sustainably managed German forests. The slats on which you walk are made of a special cross-glued birch wood (also FSC certified), which has the advantage of a light suspension and therefore allows a natural and gentle walking feeling. The wood is coated with a skin-friendly and sound-absorbing layer which is also very resistant to dirt and scratches and is also ideal for walking barefoot. The internal moving parts, as well as the table and backrest supports are made of robust steel. All components come from Germany and are manufactured and assembled in our own ecological certified production facility. Here you can find a video of the production process. 

Yes, the MT300 "NEW WORK" and MT300R models can be combined with an existing height-adjustable desk. The backrest (and, if necessary, the integrated table) can be retrofitted at any time without conversion, since the attachment points are already attached at the factory. However, make sure that your desk is high enough. Many of our customers use an additional standing desk converter on their standing desk or a monitor holder. The most important thing is to have the monitor at eye level, whereas many customers actually like to have the keyboard at a lower level.

Shipping, Delivery, Pickup, Return

Yes, you can. We have a large factory outlet at the Walkolution manufacturing site in Wiesenbronn, very close to Würzburg (Bavaria, Germany), conveniently located near the motorway.

Please check availability before you schedule your visit to ensure availability of your desired configration. You can schdule your appointment at the factory outlet here. We will be happy to help you load it into your vehicle. From time to time we also sell demonstration machines here. Please contact us for this.

In addition to our own branches, we have numerous resellers in Germany, Europe and many other countries. You can find an overview in our store locator.

Yes, we offer free shipping, including international orders.

Yes, we offer a 30-day return policy. During this time you can withdraw from the purchase contract without giving reasons. We will then organize the return transport by forwarding agency. The return is free of charge in Germany. In other countries the customer needs to pay for the return shipping.

We usually ship our larger products by forwarding agency (you can find detailed information in the respective article description). In this case, an employee of the shipping company will contact you before the planned delivery and make an appointment with you. The Walkolution systems are delivered in a box on a pallet and are delivered at ground level. Afterwards we recommend to carry the individual components in pairs to their destination. If you wish a delivery to your home or office, you can book our comfort delivery at an additional charge of 199 €. We currently offer this service only in Germany.

Maintenance, warranty


No. No regular maintenance is required.

Financing options

Yes, we offer different solutions for private and business customers.

Private customers have the possibility to pay by installments via different payment providers during check-out.

In cooperation with GRENKE Leasing AG, we offer business customers the possibility of finance leasing with favorable monthly installments.